Wednesday, August 29, 2012

He does not need facts -- he has a great story

I now have positive proof that the Republicans could care less about the facts -- the reality of the situation or the science behind making decisions.  We have heard this over and over again.  Most recently Tony Adkins decided that science was all wrong and women were just "asking for it".

I have no idea who the representative to the Republican Convention was, but here is his comment on National Public Radio.  The conversation turned to Governor Christie and the keynote address.  The Republican political pundit said this about the sum and substance of Christie's keynote address:  "who needs facts when he has story  to tell".  Who needs facts?  Well, there we go! How does one combat that?  I recently had a facebook person tell me that he has opinions and his opinions are as good as facts.  Just what in the world is going on?  How have the citizens of the most advanced country on earth suddenly decided to discard the very essence of what got us where we are.  Don't need facts?  How did we defeat Hitler?  Don't need facts?  How did we create the most powerful military in the world?  Don't need facts?  How did we put a man on the moon?  Don't need facts?  Cured AIDs.  Don't need facts?  How did our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution come into existence?

Now we don't need facts.  We need white guys telling us we don't need facts.  We don't need facts since we have all our women barefoot and pregnant all the time? We need white guys who want to control everything in our bedroom and while we are distracted -steal us blind and leave  us in the poorhouse-- and laughing! Don't need facts?  Surely everyone understands that once a child is born into poverty there is no help for the mom or the child for food, shelter, education or any other of the necessities.  No we don't need facts, we just need hedge fund managers that can waste billions of dollars and then the Federal Government comes to their aid.

Why confuse me with the facts -- George Bush inherits a huge surplus and puts us into a deficit and then it must be President Obama's fault.  Let's spin a story without any truth.  Let's just not use facts. Let's just spin a good story.