Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Living Longer

Everyone pretty much everywhere is worried about the lack of people attending church.  Our orthodox brethren have gone so far as to blame the entire drop in attendance in all of Christiandom on the Episcopal Church's stance with regard to full inclusion.

Suppose, just suppose, the fact is that since everyone is living longer the "fear of dying" coupled with the distance hell then is placed serves to alienate folks from the church(es)?  If that is the case then perhaps, just perhaps we are all going about this all wrong.  Maybe we need to look at what God has come to offer in order to make this work.  Maybe, crying rooms, and big buildings, and fancy hats and cloaks and huge numbers of bishops, and "programs for the youth" among other things is not the answer.  Perhaps, the answer lies somewhere in the brokeness of the world and what Christ brought us -- wholeness, reunification with our Father, the love of all our brothers.

Just wondering.