Thursday, July 3, 2008


I'm setting this up on the fly - with no knowledge of blogger and not a great deal on my mind. Post an opinion, a prayer request, a (clean) joke, a recipe, or even a shameless pitch for a great topic on your own blog. For the first few days I will probably delete any post that seems to denigrate anyone I care about, so just be forewarned; don't pout or yell "unfair!" Friends may disagree with each other but do try to keep it civil. "You're stupid" is not a a convincing argument if you disagree with

I'm looking for good contributions on all things liberal and Anglican, and perhaps an extra moderator or two. I don't pretend to know all the friends of my friends who have been out the blog-land for much longer. I'm not feeling much of a need to use this as my personal sounding board, but you'll see my opinionated nature shine through now and again.

Let's just let this become what it will, for as long or short a time as needed.