Monday, November 22, 2010

We are a Non-Christian Government

For the last so many years we keep hearing about the Christian right and their need to gain, hold and wield power in the United States.  I would simply like to point out that while our unique experiment allows for just about anyone coming to power, this is the least likely group.  ?Why?  Because it violates the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  I will refer several times to The Church Idea written by William Reed Huntington, an Episcopal Priest and author of the work that became the foundation of the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral.  One may go to Real Anglicans to get the "full scoop" on the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral and why we "gots all the covenants we needs".

What needs to be addressed here the idea that the United States is a "Christian" country.  So we begin with one of the baseline quote upon which our governing system is based.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion In this short sentence lies wrapped the secret of our national destiny and on the wisdom or unwisdom of this decision of the fathers hinges the well being of their children's children This is a strong statement some will be disposed to call it a wild one
Our forefathers had the innate farsightedness to realize that there is a crushing need to keep church and state absolutely and totally separate.  Notice, they did not say, you can or cannot be "pick your religion" they simply said the government cannot, never, ever, at any time no how no way.  Reed puts it this way:

Let us not shrink then from facing one of first conditions of the American problem which is this that our Government rests in theory and must eventually rest in practice upon a purely secular basis We are as yet a Christian people and we have a right to say that we live in a Christian land simply because the majority of the population are nominally of the Christian faith But we have no right to say that we live under a Christian government for Christ and His religion are alike unknown to that instrument which alone gives the government its authority the Constitution of the United States.

We need to return to the principle that while some of us are, maybe or could be Christian our government was not set up that way and it is not meant to be that way.  And here is the quote that will send the entire Christian right right over the cliff:

But a Christian government ours certainly is not for there is nothing in its structure to prevent either Infidels Jews or Mohammedans from administering it throughout.
But therein lies the beauty of the great experiment, it is liberating not constraining.  With church-state relationships even like the one in England,a benevolent dictatorship one has t oconstantly be looking over one's shoulder. We are free to practice and do what we please, actually living in accordance with our beliefs.  Do I want even a "Christian" government, absolutely not.  I can wait for the kingdom of God, I trust God, I do not trust Sarah Palin, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or anyone else human.