Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sneaky :-) help those in need

We all know people who are living on the margins in the best of times - willing to work, but dependent upon piece or contract work that doesn't always pay high wages. That type of person is hurting now, and all of us want to help out in some way without worrying about hurting another's dignity.

In hard times, people often go without food and medicine to pay the rent. These aren't just stories in the newspaper, it's going on all around you. In harsh times our sense of community must grow, and sometimes that means looking a bit closer to home.

Many of you know that feeding the hungry is my way of answering Christ's call to help our neighbors. Here are a couple of easy ways to help those around you that you know, and don't want to embarrass. Intentional leftovers can become a habit; make a huge pot of hearty soup or stew, and have a "full freezer." If you don't cook much: go grocery shopping and when a little extra cash, and buy gift cards. You can slip them in an unsigned greeting card and mail them, or put the card under someone's front door. (Yes, I've been "outed" on the gift cards, but no one has ever been upset). If someone wants to repay your generosity, let them help at odd hours with their own talents - such as handyman work, sewing buttons on all those shirts you have set aside, or teaching you a skill such as knitting. Spending time with someone a bit different than your usual friends is a lot of fun - at the very least, then have some stories you haven't heard a hundred times!

We all have different talents we can share, yours may be different. Look around for those in need, and you will find yourself walking with the Lord and doing his work here on earth. Better than breaker annointing to call up the presence of the Spirit, I guarantee.

Peace to all this day.