Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Drop of Water in the Pacific Ocean

I know that everyone is coming back from convention and most are overjoyed by the happenings and some are not.  Everyone is now discussing those things but I want to call your attention to a "drop in the ocean".  Yep, the goings on of the Anglican/Orthodox Diocese od San Joaquin.  As you all must know Mr. Schofield has retired (this time for real; and collects a pension from TEC pension fund).  Now, the new guy is Mr. Eric Menees.  His "first convention" is coming up and here is a portion of what he is looking forward to:

"The convention will focus on the themes of development that I would like to see for the coming year: Congregational Development, Clergy Development and Development of Youth Ministries. Over the next few months as we lead up to the convention I will be focusing on one aspect of these themes of development and this month I would like to discuss the development of Youth Ministries.
As I visit churches each week I hear over and over the desire to reach out and minister to the youth of the congregation and the youth of the community. These are words that warm my heart and stir my spirit. "
Several years ago this diocese, specifically Mr. Schofield had two respected senior wardens that tried to get an explanation of what happended and both were rebuffed by JDS and the "henchmen". No one was every allowed to comment or challenge the budget. (After that year  the budget was passed on a Friday night to avoid those nasty little interruptions.)

Since that time the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin has poured thousands of dollars into the Southern Cone including the rebuilding of the then archbishop's home.

Now, Mr. Menees is intent on youth services?   Once again the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin is going to try and slip everyone a "mickey".  Too bad for the youth.