Monday, August 6, 2012

Can We Talk?

Once again a legislature is returning from "vacation" and has targeted, guess who?  I  brought the paper inthis morning and found this headline: Pension reform the top priority.  The tickler was a quote from Darrell Steinberg the DEMOCRATIC president pro tem of the California senate "I remain confident that we will have comprehensive pension reform before the end of this session".  Just so no reader is confused, this comes from the San Francisco Chronicle. You can look it up.

Just what do you suppose the double speak means?  Well, lets look at the past first, the United Pilots got screwed when UA went into bankruptcy and their pensions were turned over to the pension guaranty fund (government run and far less than what they were receiving).  Then the nationwide case of Wisconsin and it's public services.  These are but two of the many pensions that were once promised, once delivered and forever taken away.

In the instant case, here is how I translate the quote: "For years we have cut taxes, provided tax and other incentives for the rich, allowed the rich to incredibly influence the political process thereby placing our legistatures in a moral delimma and with much frequency deciding against the right thing to do.  We have paid our political contributors off with high positions with high salaries and little work to do but sit around.  We have granted ourselves pay raises and benefits that few others have, we just came back from a month's paid vacation and now we can do nothing to create a just and fair system of revenue to support the most basic of social contract issues, safety (police, fire, nurses, etc) so we have to make the middle class, the government worker, and the bargaining units of this state pay for all our ineptitudes.

This from a democrat that lives in the state that HAD the 7th largest economy in the world.  That HAD the premier college and university system that many states tried to model but could not. That HAD  K-12 school system that was in the top ten in the nation.  That had a reputation for paying a just and fair wage.  That HAD and served mercy for our children and their parents in desperate need.

I can only say thank you Ronald Reagan; thank you Pete Wilson; thank you Arnold the terminator; and thanks to all the legislators who over the years decided to make this state the most lowly, humble, and humilitated state in the union.  Thanks for balancing the budget on the backs of the poor and middle class because you all do not have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing.

Oliver Wendell Holmes said (and this is cast in stone above the IRS building in D.C) "Taxes is the price we pay for living in a civilized society".  Apparently you and the rich simply wish to return us to the state that Thomas Hobbes classifed as "short, nasty and brutish".