Thursday, December 4, 2008


It is interesting to note that at this critical time in our nation we are ignoring some of the most basic of values. We, as a middle class are going up in smoke! It has been coming for some time now and we are to blame (with a little help from some prominent Republicans and Democrats). Think back on how many businesses such as United Airlines have gone into bankruptcy and done away with labor contracts, health benefits, retirement benefits have been cut or eliminated, jobs shipped overseas and havoc and mayhem heaped upon those of us squarely situated in the middle class. One example is that Hershey's chocolate closed several plants and shipped all the jobs to Mexico. The CEO stated that with the cost of wages there the company would not only make a far bigger profit but also be able to develop a whole new line of candy! Whopee! 576 persons are out of jobs but we have a new line of Hershey's Chocolate. Hey get a job at Taco Bell, they are hiring!

In the late 1940s there was a bill passed by both houses affirming that every American should have a right to own their own home. If you may recall, our grandparents had some radically different facts to deal with in buying a home -- including a down payment that approached 35 to 50% of the total cost. Now, not only are thousands of persons being thrown out onto the streets but the Federal government, we the people, are giving bailout money to we the big financial industry? How the hell did that happen? Now the big three automakers are seemingly on the verge of a collapse and guess who they are blaming for all of this? Yep, the middle class, those that work the lines. Cheese whiz, you want a home to live in, some clothes to wear, and some medical care to take care of your family? What in the world has gotten into you! Don't you know there is a war on terorism going on? That's okay, get a job at Walmart, that will take care of it. Have you noticed there is less full time full benefits employment and there are more part time no benefits jobs available? The Walmart folks got really excited about a time management system that helped them balance more work among more people so that there was less overtime and no chance to slip into a position where benefits would accrue to the worker. Give that guy a $10 million bonus!

If you are feeling a little pinched this Christmas think about this. If you are feeling a little smug this Christmas then just wait, the "good news" will come your way. Keep in mind Ronald McDonald "WANTS YOU!"