Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers

If one grew up in the 1960s, particularly in Quakertown, there was but one real folksinging group. The voice of Mary Travers will be missed greatly.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Music - Where Where You?

Where were you in 1985? Listen to some old friends with a great message, but it's sad to think we haven't made much progress in 25 years. As Brian McLaren tells us, Everything Must Change.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hijacking The Epsicopal Church

Here is the most recent (and blatant) attempt by those communion partners to hijack the Episcopal Church. Keep in mind that these seven turncoats after deciding that the General Convention had not gone their way, scurried, hat-in-hand to the Queen of England Archbishop of Canterbury to cry on his shoulder and gain support for the redcoats "Anglican Communion"

Here is the substantial statement:

Therefore, at this time we make the following requests of Communion minded members of the The Episcopal Church and the wider Anglican Communion:

1. We encourage dioceses, congregations and individuals of The Episcopal Church to pray and work for the adoption of an Anglican Communion Covenant.

2. We encourage dioceses and congregations to study and endorse the Anglican Communion Covenant when it is finally released and to urge its adoption by General Convention, or to endorse the first three sections of the Ridley Cambridge Draft and the Anaheim Statement, and to record such endorsements on the Communion Partners website (

Clearly they have set themselves up as leaders of the Episcopal Church outside their diocese. Next comes the good old "let's make our website and our organization just like all the other whining, sniveling, backstabbing screw the Episcopal Church organizations like CANA and Aima and ACNA at the rest of the alphabet soup.

3. We encourage bishops, priests, deacons and laypersons of The Episcopal Church who support the adoption of the Anglican Communion Covenant to record such endorsement on the Communion Partners website.

4. We encourage dioceses and congregations, in the spirit of GC2009 Resolution D030, to engage in "companion domestic mission relationships among dioceses and congregations within The Episcopal Church."

5. We encourage Bishops exercising jurisdiction in The Episcopal Church to call upon us for service in needed cases of Delegated Episcopal Pastoral Oversight.

6. We encourage relationships between Communion Partners and primates, bishops, provinces and dioceses in other parts of the Communion, in order the enhance the ministry we share in the life of the Communion.

7. We invite primates and bishops of the Communion to offer their public support to these efforts.

Clearly, they wish for one more division within the Episcopal Church. They have decided that for whatever reason, the Archbishop of Canterbury has given them the "nod" to set up an alternative presence to the Episcopal Church. Just who the hell are these guys?

+Mark J. Lawrence, South Carolina (protege of John David Schofield)
+Gary R. Lillibridge, West Texas
+Edward S. Little, II, Northern Indiana (protege of John David Schofield)
+William H. Love, Albany
+D. Bruce MacPherson, Western Louisiana
+Michael G. Smith, North Dakota
+James M. Stanton, Dallas

N.B. Dan Martins of No. Indiana, under the protection of Edward Little is a John David Schofield protege and a communion partners member.

Rob Eaton, sitting in the midst of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin is also a member of the communion partners and a John David Schofield protege.

God's peace. <><

Seven Communion Partner Bishops (sung to the tune of Seven Spanish Angels, a duet by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles)

He looked down into her brown eyes, and said
"Say a prayer for me". She
Threw her arms around him, whispered
"God (and the Communion Partners)will keep us free".
They could hear the riders comin', He said
"This is my last fight...If they
Take me back to Texas, they won't
Take me back a-live.

There were seven Episcopal bishops, at the
Altar of the sun.
They were prayin' for the ACNA, in the
Valley of the gun.
When the battle stopped and the smoke cleared,
There was thunder from the throne,
And seven Communion Partner Bishops, took another
parish home.

She reached down and picked the gun up,
That lay smokin in his hand.
She said, "Bishops please forgive me;
I can't make it without my man."
And she knew the gun was empty,
And she knew she couldn't win,
But her final prayer was answered
When the rifles fired again.

There were seven Communion Partner Bishops, at the
Altar of the ACNA.
They were prayin' for the lovers, in the
Valley of the gun.
When the battle stopped and the smoke cleared,
There was thunder from the throne,
And seven Communion Partner Bishops, took another
parish home.

My apologies to Willie Nelson and Ray Charles.