Thursday, January 8, 2009



Ladies and Gentlemen:  Where or where have your recipes gone?

Inauguration Day is January 20th and many, many, many of us have been looking forward to this quadrennial day for at least 8 years.  Those "lucky" enough to live in the District of Columbia metropolitan area will have a free holiday.  In addition, Super Bowl Sunday is coming to a local NBC station on February 1, 2009.  All of America will have that day off and for both occasions there will most likely be cooking galore.  I also know we here at Off Topic have not requested ANY recipes in a very long time.  Well, what better time than for the inauguration and the greatest football day of the year. 

Break into Nana's recipe file, Dad's BBQ files, Aunt Tillie's hidden papers and give us your very best shot.  Drinks, pastries, breads, meats, donuts, coffees, mixed drinks, snacks, dips, rolls, and anything you wish to have published on line.  Should we get enough recipes to create and share an online "cookbook" we will do so.  That will allow everyone to download a copy and have it courtesy of OFF TOPIC.  Now, the only rules to this whole thing are that you ought (Leonardo, you know what that means) to contribute at least two (2) recipes, they should be your favorites and each recipe should come equipped with a brief story on the recipe (not required but nice).  Do Not let the story thing slow you down!  You may contribute as many as you like and we will try and remember to get each one credited correctly.  

To top this off we are going to at least sub-title the on-line cookbook something like "With A Little Help from Jake's Friends".

Thanks for your help!  You may begin now and continue until we run out.  If you need time to look something up, go for it.  We will not "publish" until after the Super Bowl so please add as many different recipes as you like.

PS: If you don't happen to have recipes for either day but would still like to contribute by all means please do so!