Friday, February 13, 2009

A Modest Case For Inclusion

Ladies and gentle persons of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America and the Anglican Church of Canada. We are about inclusion and I ask that you keep that in mind as you read the brief (no pun intended) but modest proposal.  

I ask you, who currently is benefiting from the largess of the stolen property, both real and personal? Where is at least a portion of the money that currently comes into such dioceses as the "Anglican" Diocese of San Joaquin, Fort Worth and Pittsburgh going?  How about the money that comes into churches currently affiliated with AMiA?  Well, I believe that just like the Conealoneialist Diocese of San Joaquin, some, maybe a bunch is going directly to the Province of the Southern Cone.  Do our attorneys realize that the beneficiaries of the current conealoneial churches are the likes of Greg Venables, Henri Orombi, Peter Akinola, Emmanuel Kollini and Benjamin Nzimbi?  In addition to the ready cash available there is the more indirect issue of deferred cash.  What I mean by that is if all those churches that are currently paid for and occupied by the orothodites had been places they had to rent they would not be sending TEC cash to these "robber barons".  Think about this, the hundreds of thousands (their numbers not mine) are contributing to the provinces they belong to with cash that should be going to pay the rent for the building they are renting or paying for are indeed going to "the boys own coffers".  See, if the conelaoneialist laity were not currently in TEC buildings, most of whcih were bought and paid for by TEC laity, these folks would be hustling buildings, and they are not. 
My point is not just one of the issues currently in legal dancing mode.  I would like to know why the attorneys that have filed suit do not amend the suit to include  the beneficiaries of all the American and Canadian good fortune? 

Is there any wonder why Archbishop Akinola muses over the lawsuits that affect his province/diocese? And why he is so concerned about the continuing issues lawsuits present especially with unnamed John and Jane Does?  Perhaps it time to remove the mystery?  Perhaps it is time to put these folks names in the spotlight?  They love notoriety -- why not give them a healthy slice of the pie?  They need something to talk about and relate back to the bible -- how about naming some in a large way?  Want something to talk about Mr. Orombi?  How about your name in the lights of a Virginia court room?

Oh, one last thought.  When one or more comes to visit the poor struggling congregations of their diocese we slap them with a material witness warrant and not allow them to leave the country until after the lawsuits are finished.  Bet the tone and tenor of the conealoneialists changes a great deal.  

The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada have always been about inclusion.  Wouldn't this make it just a bit more cozy.