Monday, November 2, 2009

The Continuing Saga of St. Mark's Chapel

I have now had conversations with both the Warden and the Priest-in-charge for St. Mark's Chapel. They are filled with hope now that their situation is known by more than a few folks in South Carolina. Can you imagine the aloneness of facing a bishop bent on creating an Anglican diocese that would engulf those who are still (and always have been) Episcopalians.

This group is growing and has recently moved to a Church. This is a group not unlike the group from St. Dunstans but unlike St. Dunstan's the group at St. Mark's does not have real property. This may mean that is easier for Bishop Lawrence to mute them and ultimately bury them deep inside the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina.

This group is in touch with a group called the . Episcopal Forum Being an up and coming mission they have no standing inside the diocese and therefore at grave risk of being pushed by the Bishop of South Carolina into oblivion.

The folks at St. Mark's are pleased to know that they have friends, inside and outside the diocese. Please send your comments to Bishop Lawrence, we all need to be civil, and keep praying that +Lawrence has not lost the ability to be merciful.

I have seen the harm done to Episcopalians when they have had their world crushed. Do not let this happen again. Keep those cards and letters flowing. By the way, Bishop Lawrence does have a facebook page. Perhaps a few of you skilled facebook folks could send him a message or two in that fashion. Do not let the bishop think for one second that the St. Mark's parishioners are expendable!