Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Can't Do That!

A hat tip to our good friend James at TTLS!

Here is the latest from the blog of the Conealonialist:

Fr. Howard and Deacon Erin Giles, clergy in good standing of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin, are forming a core group to plant an Anglican church in the Las Vegas/Henderson area of Southern Nevada. A group of twelve is planning Ash Wednesday and Lenten Soup Suppers in private homes. Please contact us so that you can join us in fellowship and in seeking the Lord.

Well ladies and gentlemen of both California and Nevada MR. GILES and MRS. GILES are simply laity in the world.  They can, as laity try to raise up a group in Nevada but I would caution those in Nevada with the following comments from Bishop Jerry Lamb, Bishop of the Diocese of San Joaquin:    
 The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin today determined that sixteen deacons and thirty-six priests had abandoned the communion of the Episcopal Church. Findings against each of the fifty-two clergy were based on specific violations of the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church related to their support of attempts to remove the diocese from the Episcopal Church, and their repudiation of the ecclesiastical authority of the Episcopal Church and the diocese.
 And then Bishop Lamb names the names, the two that Nevada should be concerned with are as follows:

The Rev. Erin Giles, Manteca 
                The Rev. Howard Giles, Manteca

Since there is only the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin and that the bishop of that diocese is Bishop Jerry Lamb and Bishop Lamb has deposed several clergy including Mr. and Mrs. Giles this foray into Nevada can only be a short-sighted attempt at creating a new diocese of some conealoneialists.  Please be warned that Nevada is still in The Episcopal Church of the United States and these two therefore are but mere lay persons looking for a handout.  

What we do have is an opportunity to bring the Beatles into this whole thing and so here it is.