Sunday, June 12, 2011

Same Sex Blessings

We are rapidly approaching a time when same sex blessings will become the norm for not only California but for all the Episcopal Church and most of the Anglican world (communion if you please).  For some reason we are struggling with just the right words and just the right ritual and just the right everything to be inclusive.  Does anyone know that by doing this we appear to be setting up separate but equal arrangements.   Does this lead the Episcopal Church to LGBT restrooms and LGBT drinking fountains and LGBT coffee hours?  I am hoping  not.

See, here is the thing.  We do not have separate rite for Baptism for LGBT members of our community.  We do not have a separate rite for communion for LGBT members, we do not even have a separate rite for ordination or for that matter consecration of bishops that are LGBT.

So, why are we doing this with same sex blessings.  Is this not obvious enough that we can simply use the existing blessing of a marriage found on page 423?  Certainly makes sense to me.  If the couple wants to alter the wording then let them go ahead and do so but the basics are all right there.  We do not need to isolate and separate our LGBT members for the purpose of blessing their union.  Can we just get with it, please.