Monday, November 30, 2009

When Will We Make A Stand?

Here is a headline from a Los Angeles Daily News writer, Troy Anderson, by way of the San Francisco Chronicle, Bay Area Section:

Attacks based on religion, sexual orientation are up

Lest you have just drifted by and think to yourself, "Self, that just one of many crimes that are up this past year" think again. "Although the total number of hate crimes countywide dropped 4 percent from 2007 to 2008, the rise in homophobic and religious-based hate crimes worried advocate groups."

Yep, the purple-shirted gang, Akinola, Orombi, Duncan, Iker, Schofield, etc. has always spouted that no harm comes to LGBT folks just because we "take a stand". Really, then why are hate crimes based on sexual orientation up 21 percent and religious crimes increased by 14%? Furthermore, the article goes on to say that there is a definite correlation back to the Proposition 8 debates!

There is a bill pending right now, before the Ugandan legislature to make some behaviors punishable by death! How can our bishops, our clergy and our primates stand silently by and allow this to happen? (I am aware of Canada and the debate in England). Can you now see that even your silence condemns our brothers and sisters to the full panoply of hate and violence? Can you now see that there is sin in not saying anything? Can you now see that every day that we allow these issues to go unchecked is another day where some person will be physically harmed? Enough is enough!

Do you all know that in Los Angeles County the number of hate crimes rose significantly and 80% of those crimes were aimed at gay men? Are we all proud of ourselves for this namby-pamby kind of approach to personal freedom. You all know what I mean, the idea that sooner or later the LGBT community will get what they want, just be patient. How many more hate crimes will there be? How many more Matthew Shepherds will there be? And even if you are not for personal freedom, (I can't see how) but we must be against violence done to anyone for any reason.

Let's move forward, let's put as much pressure on Uganda and Bishop Orombi as we can until this terrible legislation is done away. The Episcopal Church needs to take positive, affirming and holistic approach to same sex marriage and to blessings.

Now, is a good time to start!