Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Shout To the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy

The Episcopal Diocese of Quincy is now talking with the Executive Council about the destruction and the hurt and the pain of the "schism" that befell them in 2008. See The Lead for the complete story.  Quincy is one of those diocese that just like us, suffered a catastrophic disaster in 2008.  Those left behind were, I am sure disgusted, dejected and dehumanized by the group of Conelonialists that left for Greg Venables Southern Cone.  We in San Joaquin know the feeling and first wish to convey to our brothers and sisters in Quincy that we know how you feel, we have been there and we want you to hang in there because a new dawn is coming.  Right now, it may seem bleak, and we are not completely out of that very dark spot that could be called "hell on earth" but we know there is a Jesus Christ and we know that the Episcopal Church will not let you down.  They certainly did not in our instance.

Please keep in mind that there were only a few people on Calvary that dark and gloomy day way back when and numbers are not important.  It is your faith that must be strong and your faith that will set you free.  We know that here in San Joaquin and I am sure you must know that even in the midst of chaos and ruin.

To the Quincy Conelonialists, you cannot win and when you realize that please come home.

To our Executive Council, Father Mark and the whole group, you have been patient, generous and loving for us here in San Joaquin please extend that same grace and mercy to our brothers and sisters in Quincy. 

To our brothers and sisters in Quincy, let us know where and how we can help.  We are also small but mighty.  Put us to the test.