Friday, November 27, 2009

The Regular Wayback Machine

Here we are again and it is time for a little travel through the wayback machine to another time and another place. A journey of sights and sounds, (oh, wait, this is the wayback machine not the twilight zone, sorry).

1. Turn, Turn, Turn The Byrds (and by the way, it is from 3 years ago and David Crosby is still going strong in spite of his liver transplant.)
2. Cripple Creek The Band
3. Hells Bells AC/DC
4. Driftin' Blues Paul Butterfield blues Band (I saw them do this number)
5. Conquistador Procol Harum
6. Hair of The Dog Nazareth
7. Crying In The Rain Everly Brothers
8. Rock and Roll Heaven Righteous Brothers
9. Midnight Rider Allman Brothers
10. Black Water Doobie Brothers

The last four songs are by brothers of one sort or another. I have seen the Righteous Brothers and the Everly Brothers but not the other two. I like Rock and Roll Heaven going into Advent and of course I hope it counteracts Hells Bells by AC/DC.

A word in closing on liver transplants. A very good friend of mine received one and lived 11 years. David Crosby got his a year after Dick had his transplant. David Crosby is going strong. The science is great and the medicine is getting better all the time.