Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tip of the hat to James for this little nugget.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Senior Bishops of the communion "significantly excluding ++Orambi and ++Anis" (don't you just love the language of R. Gledhill) may discipline  Archbishop Venables for his continuing unrepentant plundering of the Episcopal Church of The United States and the Church of Canada.  Now here is the punishment -- do not blink because  it is going to go by in an instant: 

Here is an holy person who has not only encouraged the removal of funds and both real and personal property but also shared in the booty.  I suppose if we add it all up it comes to millions of dollars.  Who continues to invade both the US and the Canadian churches with impunity and not remorse.  He flaunts the valid and factual deposition of bishops that have broken their vows and receives into "his" province clergy that have been inhibited by valid bishops in TEC.   

So what do you think he is going to get?  20 years to life? Nope! How about 5 - 10 with a possibility of parole in 4 years?  Nope!  How about 18 months in a county jail?  Nope!  How about house arrest with a GPS collar so he cannot go anywhere for a while?  Nope!  Here is what he "gets":

"The penalty being considered against the Southern Cone, which has 22,000 members in Argentina and surrounding nations, includes the removal of voting rights at the forthcoming meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council, the central governing body of the Anglican Communion, in Jamaica next May."

The senior bishops are going to send the Archbishop, who has taken a substantial portion of 4 American diocese and their assets,  to bed without any supper!  And THEY say that crime doesn't pay!  No wonder we have so many bishops (real, deposed, inhibited, pretend) all wanting a piece of the action.  For those who have read any detail on the ENRON debacle maybe GAFCON is the new spelling for ENRON.