Thursday, August 2, 2012

Point of Personal Privilege

Most of the readers may not know "some" of my background.  My father was a United States Marine. I am a United States Marine.  Once a Marine always a Marine.  I also understand many readers abhor violence of any kind.  Well, this is one of those quirks in my life - I guess, I believe there are certain principles that one needs to abide by and when threatened, one choses one's own course -- I choose freedom -- not just one sided but freedom for all -  I firmly believe that each and every person in this country gets to speak their mind without fear or retaliation - I am willing to protect that freedom.  Sorry - this is not meant to be an apology (in the definitive meaning), just an explanation for what is about to follow.  Marine Corps commercials still send a chill up my back, here is one of the latest.

Thank you for your indulgence.