Monday, September 3, 2012

ABRAKADABRA - It's Bishop Lawrence

Now you see him - now you don't.  That is correct, when Bishop Lawrence looks in the mirror the person looking back is none other than - tada! Bishop John David Schofield. How can I come to that conclusion?  Well read this:

The central purpose of his presentation to the Bishops was to convey his understanding that with the passage of Resolutions D002 and D019 (making all possible variations of “gender identity and gender expression” protected categories in the canons of the church), and the adoption of authorized provisional rites to bless same gender relationships, the doctrine, discipline and worship of this church have been profoundly changed.
He told the Bishops that the magnitude of these changes was such that he could no longer in good conscience continue in the business of the Convention. In fact, he was left with the grave question of whether he could continue as a bishop of an institution that had adopted such changes. It was with that question on the table that he took his leave from the House of Bishops.
Since that time, and in the gathering of the Diocesan Clergy, the Bishop stated that he believes the Episcopal Church has crossed a line he cannot personally cross. He also expressed to the clergy that though he might act one way if he were a priest in a diocese, as a Bishop he feels deeply his vow before God to faithfully lead and shepherd the Diocese of South Carolina. Both dimensions of this dilemma weigh upon him at this time.
This is a few paragraphs from the  letter to the diocese of South Carolina after Bishop Lawrence returned from convention. I have highlighted the parts of the letter that are almost identical to the words used by John David as he  was moving into his end-game.  "I didn't move PECUSA moved- The doctrine, discipline. etc. has changed.  The church crossed a line that I cannot cross."
He also has reworked the constitution and canons of the Diocese of San Joaquin South Carolina just as was done in San Joaquin. Bishop Lawrence is indeed not only the protege of John David but he continues to play the diocese of South Carolina in an almost identical fashion to that which was done by John David.
Am I without recommendations?  You all know me, I gots lots!  First, I am assuming that the National is looking at this and seeing the same things.  If they have not already sent an emissary to Lawrence they should.  Simply put, they should say, "Stay or go but do not pis* in my ear and tell me it's raining".   Then move on bringing him up on charges.
Next, they should send an emissary to the other protege who is currently messing with the Communion Partners and ask him the same question.  He can demonstrate that he intents to stay by renouncing the Communion Partners and that which they stand for -- an Episcopal/ACNA inside the Episcopal Church of the US. 
Really, how dumb do they think we are? Oops, please don't answer that!