Friday, March 11, 2011

Archbishop MY A**!

Can we talk?  Really, I am about as tired as tired can get of the constant "politeness" with which we deal with those who have created the worst scenario in the history of the Episcopal Church.  I mean really, we have Mr. Schofield, Mr. Iker, Mr. Duncan and a host of misters that have all been deposed and defrocked.  legally, formally, officially, constitutionally, and every other way known to our church yet everyone I see and most everyone I read continues to use the genteel term originally assigned to them, and in Mr. Duncan's case, he actually thinks he is an archduke or something like that -- probably a king!  Just what is up with that?  Lots of folks say, well, if they were Romans, or Baptists or Unitarians or Wizards or whatever we would use their official title.  Folks, can we get this straight -- THEY THINK THEY ARE US!  They believe with all their heart that NOTHING has happened to them and we continue to allow them to live in that lie!  These folks need to face the facts and we need to be less enabling than we are.  They are not bishops, priests, deacons, etc in any church that calls itself Episcopalian and since the ONLY ANGLICAN PRESENCE in the USA is the Episcopal Church they cannot be any of those things in the Anglican Church.  When they start calling themselves wikens or wizards or whatever they finally determine they are maybe then we can call them something other than late for supper but we owe them nothing!  These deposed and defrocked clergy are some of the most venomous, vile, evil people to come along in the history of the Episcopal Church.  They have ripped us asunder, they have cut thousands of Episcopalians to the bone.  They are bleeding us to death and we continue to smile and call them something they are not -- Father, Bishop, Deacon. 

Let's put an end to our enabling -- these folks are drunkards of the worst kind.  Drunk on power and prestige.  We must not enable them any more.  They are Mr. not anything else and until they get that fact let's just keep reinforcing it!

As it is written, so shall it be!