Wednesday, April 6, 2011

T-Party: Don't Bogart That Joint

The last time I looked the definition of politics up it said something like "the art of compromise".

One has to wonder what the T-Party is smoking these days.  They are going to take this country into bankruptcy.  The party when faced with shutting down the entire federal government said, "Bring it on."  Do they even understand how the federal government works?  See, having been through two federal "shutdowns" for some many days I was ultimately paid for those days because the federal labor law requires it.  Jeff Sessions, someone who I really do not care for clearly stated that the T-party has no idea how Washington works.  So, unbeknownst to the T-Party, they are about to provide several million workers with the one or more vacation days. 

These T-Party folks are not even sensible.  They intend to eliminate social security, medicare, food stamps, free and reduced lunch, free public education, National Public Radio, Public Television, National Arts Programs, the National Parks system, and just about everything the middle class has built including the middle class.  In favor of what?  Well, in the political science books it is called anarchy.  Thomas Hobbes called living in the wild "short, nasty and brutish."  They somehow think that they can survive in a state of anarchy.  But in actuality I think they believe that since they cannot have what they want why should anyone else? 

Now, does the rest of the country understand just how long it is going to take to put back all the programs these T-Party folks intend to dismantle? 

Let's end with that question and this video.