Monday, August 4, 2008


To the Most Reverend Peter Akinola,

I heard reported on the news today that another two foreigners were taken prisoner/hostage in Nigeria. National Public Radio reported that with this hostage taking it brings to a total over 200 foreigners being held in Nigeria by "rebels". While you attend GAFCON and while you come to the United States and while you make speeches and write articles on the poor treatment of conservatives/orthodox in various countries and while you rail against LGBT people over 200 hostages are kept away from their families, friends, loved ones by rebels in your country. I am told, or rather I have read, that you are the most powerful single person in the country of Nigeria. This may be true since you travel on a diplomatic passport, or at least that was also reported in the press.

Why is it that you cannot secure these 200 persons freedom? Why is it that you, the most powerful person in Nigeria, are not working day and night to secure the release of over 200 persons being held in your country, against their will? Why is it that you can work to secure the "freedom" of Americans who feel they are held hostage by the Episcopal Church but go home to thier loved ones, enjoy the ability to take long walks and feel free to reject the rights of LGBT persons yet you cannot work to get these 200 hostages a passport to their homes?

Is it not possible that you might bring some sense of freedom to these rebels, at least enough to allow them to release their hostages and send home those poor unfortunate hostages back to their families? These people really, really fear for their real lives!

Thank you in advance for your generous offer to work to free the hostages in Nigeria.


Fred Schwartz
Member, Episcopal Dicoese of San Joaquin