Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dear Cantuar, RE: inclusiveness, understanding

Hidden in the lemon ice cream post is a great comment from Leonardo:"let us see if the 'challenge" to address one's fears in fellow bishops is simply empty words...let us see if the Archbishop of Canterbury seeks Bishop V.G. Robinson out!" Leonardo expanded on these thoughts at his blog, Eruptions at the Foot of the Volcano.

Rowan Williams' Sunday address is *here, courtesy of ENS; do read the advice he is giving his fellow bishops. What say we give him a bit of advice back? Leonardo shared his thoughts, please do add yours.

*Just a little teaser from the full address: ...If you have not had the chance to hear directly of the experience of gay and lesbian people in the Communion, the opportunity is there. If you do not grasp why many traditionalist believers in various provinces feel harassed and marginalised, go and listen.... No-one's interests are best served by avoiding the hard encounters and the fresh insights. Bear in mind that in this Conference we are committed to common prayer and mutual care so that the hard encounters can be endured and made fruitful.

(A word of caution - I will review comments as if I were sending them on to my mother! You can be annoyed, angry, sarcastic, and human - but please, not vulgar. Unless it is darn funny.)

p.s. the comment is hidden in the lemon ice cream, not Leonardo...