Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grand Jury Indictment(s) In Colorado

Turns out Mr. Don Armstrong, a former Episcopal Rector now a person hiding behind the skirts of the Anglican Communion both here and abroad.  If any one stops by the good old "sit limp" blog there is a whole bunch of protect one of our own at all costs.  Now, I am not an attorney and I have no real legal background but, I have had the distinct "privilege" of being integrally involved in two and loosely involved in a third civil grand jury.  Please remember I said civil (that is not to be confused with criminal) though sometimes civil can lead to criminal charges.  

To say that those who have remained faithful Episcopalians are at odds with those orthodites who steal all the A and C letters in the world (see the LEAD) is a gross understatement.  But two things really do need to be said.

First, the criminal system is neither good nor bad.  It is adversarial and a win/lose type of trial system but on the whole it works really well.  There are exceptions to this rule and many can point out those exceptions but we fancy ourselves way too potent if any one of us thinks that the system can be "bent" to meet the needs of either side.  We need to sit down, be quiet and let the legal system do its thing.  If Mr. Armstrong is guilty that will come out and if he is not that will be discovered as well.  In either case, this is not something we need to deal with inside the context of our "current unpleasantness".  This is simply a sad, sad day for the family and the relatives and the friends of Mr. Armstrong.  

Secondly, no one can possibly imagine the grief that he is going through.  One really has to be "in the thick" to understand how totally all consuming this event is.  Family and friends need to stay close to Mr. Armstrong.  It is difficult to think (let alone think straight) and the personal introspection can be incredibly debilitating.  He does not need anyone to help him with this since he probably has more than his fair share coming from "inside his brain". 

May I make a simple suggestion.  We, TEC, stays focused on the issues.  When we talk about stealing property that clearly is a bit of a euphemism, hyperbole.  When we talk about cross-border invasions we should be discussing the issues and not the people.  Yes, we need to be tough minded and we need to start what we finish but we should also be as careful as we can not to get personal.  Tough on issues soft on people.  One of my many "bosses" shared that with me.   Something less than that makes us look a lot like the "sit limp" crowd.  Perhaps we can lead the way in this regard.  

I pray that we are up to the task. I pray that I am up to the task.  And I pray for Mr. Armstrong.