Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Open Letter To Archbishop Rowan Williams

To the Most Reverend Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury,

I am member in good standing of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America.  I am writing to you to ask for consideration for our church.  I know that the last many years have not been easy ones for any of us.  We here in the United States have with prayer and serious consideration taken actions against several senior members of our church.  After many years of discussions and much poor behavior on the part of several of our bishops, the Episcopal Church has taken the rather unusual step of deposing several bishops including John David Mercer Schofield, Robert Duncan and most recently Leo Jack Iker.  In Mr. Iker's case, he actually renounced his vows and thereby removed himself from the episcopate and his clerical status.  We ask that you now honor those actions by no longer recognizing, discussing, or otherwise entertaining any discourse with these persons.  Please understand these actions did not come lightly and without a great deal of prayer.  The actions taken were taken only after behavior became so egregious and so transparent as to leave no other alternative. 

These actions are done by our presiding bishop and in accordance with The Episcopal Church of The United States constitution and canons.  As such we believe you really have no choice but to honor these actions.  Apparently you had a meeting a few weeks ago with Mr. Duncan.  We hope that will not happen again.  While it is your prerogative to meet and talk with anyone you choose the meeting with this person, without some clarification, gives the appearance you do not care what a member province does and we know that is not true. 

We know that there is a meeting in Egypt over the next few days and one or more of these deposed bishops  may try to drag you into a discussion.  We ask that you do no such a thing.  It is one thing to recognize and work with constituents within the communion.  There is much to be done.  It is another thing to entertain those who step outside the communion and then ask you to do the same.  

Thank you for listening.  Peace to you and your family.  May God bless the Anglican Communion.