Friday, August 3, 2012

Companion Post

This is a companion piece to that which was just recently posted. Perhaps an example of what I find unjust. And perhaps a bit of explanation of the last piece posted.

Does anyone remember this person? Abbie Hoffman and guess what he is wearing? Yep, that is indeed an American Flag. He was tried for wearing the American Flag but not before some police officers tore it off his body.

Now, here is another image:

This picture is from not too long ago.  First, I hope no one rips the flag of her body - that could be embarrassing.  Second, to the best of my knowledge she was never tried for un-American activities and certainly was not brutalized by the Chicago police.

Justice"?  Well, time wounds all heals but let's face facts, people wear the American Flag all over -- just look at those at the Olympics?  Am I upset about people wearing the American flag?  No.  I am upset by the injustice of it all.  It seems we have a double standard. 

Sound familiar? Sound like it is happening all over again?

By the way, the day that Hoffman was arrested for wearing the American flag Jerry Rubin was there also wearing a flag and absolutely nothing happened to him.  Of course the flag was the flag of the North Vietnam.  Wowsers! Three in a row!