Thursday, September 4, 2008

They will "have no truck"

(A little humor break)

A certain fundi-con commentator with an odd definition of virtue wrote this about the FOCA primates on his "news" blog: "...They will have no truck with sexual behavior outside of heterosexual marriage between a man and a woman."

At first, I thought of our Leonardo and what happened to Red. But then, I realized he was using a clever idiom meaning "will have no dealings with," so certainly he wouldn't want to go anywhere near that truck.

I, for one, will have no truck with hateful bigots. And hatred is not a virtue.

And Leonardo, I promise, we'll return Red. Do you mind if we keep the tractor-pull conversion intact? It looks really snazzy. We kept it red, but there is a decal on the side with a really cool volcano and the lettering "Big Len.". Will put a pan of brownies and a box of Belgian chocolates in the glove box, and the tank will be full.

Back to your regularly scheduled program...