Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday: Resurrection Day

Sunday was a day of worship in the Episcopal Dioceses of San Joaquin. What you will see are images from that day. A word of caution, the camera is a cell phone and a slow lens at best. I could not always get the celebrant, the associate celebrants, the readers, the deacon, the seminarian and the choir to stand still. Conversely, I was able to generally stand still my self.

Bishop Lamb's sermon today was about wrecked ships, repaired bows, calmer waters and Resurrection. The pictures you see are from the resurrected group from San Joaquin. I think a good motto for us would be:
To Know Us Is To Love Us

This time I will ask you to pick the captions and I will allow the images to speak for themselves.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Fred, it looks like everyone is on the move...this is a good thing after being released from the clutching fat mitts of a +controlfreak for 20+ years! BREATHING AGAIN and FREEDOM (always promotes happiness and peace of mind)!

Horray for the AUTHENTIC Diocese of San Joaquin of The Episcopal Church (who WELCOMES EVERYONE)!

Fred Schwartz said...

Cath the new lead about JDS-- he says he is retiring. Perhaps he means he is becoming more shy?!

Fred Schwartz said...

PS: The word is catch. Shessh, one would think I could spell on my own blog!