Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A recent article appeared in another blog that has just infuriated me. I was minding my own business (as best I can) when I slipped over to an old favorite of mine and a good friend, James. James posts under the "Three Legged Stool" and is quite calm, reasoned, analytical and almost always, well okay, always a good read. He posted a veiled reference to another blog and I made the mistake and jumped over to read the blog. Well here goes cause I am genuinely tired of the cr*p folks are trying to foist on TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada. If I were king here is what I would say:

First, TEC and ACoC will not stop recognizing the rights or each and every person that God has created. We intend to reach out in God's love and with the help of Christ's mercy and bring as many people into the love and knowledge of God that we can. We in TEC and ACoC cannot live up to the old testament commands and so we will, with God's help live in a relationship with our Lord and Saviour that allows us to love God with all our heart, and soul, and mind and we will love (ALL) our neighbors as ourselves. These are the commandments we will live by and with the mercy of God we will be reconciled with our God in life everlasting.

Second, we recognize the the Archbishop of Canterbury is a focal point for the Anglican faith once delivered and that one cannot be Anglican with out direct ties to an Anglican church. That it is hard to understand a person or group who wishes to be Anglican in all that that means and yet rejects the Archbishop of Canterbury since he/she is appointed by the HEAD OF THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION.

Third, we reject out of hand any DEMAND by any bishop, archbishop, primate or any other person in power who refuses to work towards peace and harmony within their own province. The attack and killing of anyone, Muslims included that is not immediately and convincingly condemned by a person in a position to stop cannot change the argument to some other area of concern in hopes that no one will notice the problems in their own country. No demand by any primate will be considered that does not seek to free captives held hostage in the primate's country first. No demand by any primate will be considered that does not seek to end the rape and murder of women in the primate's country first. No demand by any primate will be considered that does not seek to solve the problems of young boys being pressed into service by rebels in the primate's country first. No demand by any primate will be considered that does not seek to end the disappearance of persons in opposition to the entrenched government in the primate's country first. We will not respond nor in any way act on anything these primates have to say or ask or demand so long as they continue to raid parishes and diocese in provinces not of their own for the purpose of money and power.

Fourth, TEC and the ACoC will not negotiate with primates or anyone that negotiates from the position of "we have more people than you do so that makes us right and you wrong". There is no basis in fact, logic, theology or epistemology that warrants this argument as anything but invalid. Numbers does not make anyone right. Truth makes one right and we have seen no truth in GAFCON claims.

Fifth, GAFCON funding sources that create an illusion of "solvency" does not create an argument that TEC or ACoC will deal with on any level. Solvency is not a criteria for correctness nor is it a criteria for the love of God or Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will not, not descend on anyone because that person or group is either solvent or insolvent.

Sixth, TEC and ACoc will not stop litigation and will not negotiate against ourselves in this process. GAFCON and the myriad alphabet soup affiliates must not mistake TEC ACoC kindness for weakness. We also will not negotiate with thieves and robbers and bigots. If GAFCON wants to negotiate then GAFCON needs to return all property and money to the appropriate diocese and once that is done TEC and ACoC will begin to consider the possibility of negotiations and perhaps think about reconciliation.

Seventh, TEC and ACoC will not negotiate with any GAFCON or affiliates who continue to meddle in the internal affairs of another province. Where these primates found the time to jet around the world when their own countries suffer from starvation, kidnapping, murder, rape, and theft is unconscionable and TEC and ACoC will not negotiate anything with these primates until such time as they demonstrate a capacity for propensity for mercy, love, care and concern for those most affected by these crimes in their own countries.

Eighth, TEC and ACoC will not negotiate with any primate or group of primates that will not in love and humility exchange the peace and receive the sacrament of the Eucharist with our primates.

Ninth, TEC and ACoC will not negotiate with any primate or group of primates that believes they can put together such documents as the Jerusalem Declarations or the GAFCON Communique and demand anything. The art of negotiations is based on a good faith belief that each side can achieve it's goals and that no side can dominate. These primates simply wish to dominate -- women, LGBT, weak bishops, weak churches, sinners and tax collectors and TEC and ACoC stands with Jesus in protecting all classes of people and has determined that no one is for sale, no one is up for negotiations and no one will be traded for someone else. This is NON NEGOTIABLE.

Thank you, turn me over, I think I am done on this side.