Monday, February 21, 2011

Where We All Should Be

Want to know where the Episcopal diocese of San Joaquin is headed?  Want to see our vision?  Well, we borrowed but watch it all the way through and tell me if I am wrong.

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Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin Welcomes Our Second Provisional Bishop (elect)

Make no mistake, the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin continues to struggle.  We have struggled since those months in early 2009 when we were left to our own devices.  But the struggle has just become a little easier.  Surely, we have been supported by the National Church and the Executive Council is and continues to be a close ally of our diocese -- and we appreciate all that they have done.  The Presiding Bishop has been supportive (and my grandson thinks she is the only real bishop) and Bishop Lamb has been great in helping us pick up the pieces and begin anew.  But this thing we call the Episcopal Church, our Christian duty and responsibility has weighed heavily on everyone left in this diocese.  Let's face it, we are small -- someone said our Average Sunday Attendance is around 700 -- for the diocese!  Remember we stretch from Sacramento (actually Lodi) to Bakersfield and from Taft and Coalinga to Bishop and Mamouth!  Yes if our numbers were not staggering enough the geography is enough to keep a bishop driving most everyday of the year.  But do not mistake our challenges for anything more than that.  And, we have a new bishop to help us meet those challenges. 

Bishop Chet Talton, retired Suffragan Bishop from Los Angeles has arisen from the ranks to help us meet our continuing challenges.  We meet him yesterday at a deanery meeting in anticipation of our March 5, 2011 Special Convention to elect Bishop Talton our next provisional bishop.  Bishop Talton is a rather quiet and unassuming bishop with the heart of a lion.  He has come to us to build up the community over the next few years.  While he has not lost sight of those issues that are important in the legal world, he is focused on rebuilding a renewed community of Episcopalians in the Central Valley.  We welcome Bishop Talton, his wife and family and look forward to our task ahead!

 Bishop Talton takes questions from an expectant audience.
 Bishop Talton shares some life experiences with our deanery.

This is Cindy Smith, the diocesan Chair of our Standing Committee.  It is the Standing Committee's responsibility to bring to our diocese a provisional bishop for election.  Cindy and the committee has done an outstanding job, not just in this instance, but in creating and open and welcoming diocese.  We are blessed with a dynamic Standing Committee.
Canon Mark Hall explaining the new deanery structure.