Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time For Dramatic Action

The Diocese of Forth Worth was the fourth diocese to vote to "transfer" to the Province of the Southern Cone.  There are a number of parishes that have realigned with the AMiA and other provinces.  

Since we are  all engaging in wishful thinking, let's try this one on.  These provinces have by now all received  funds from the various parishes and diocese.  At a minimum, the property that is currently occupied by the various Southern Cone and AMiA have transferred their property to these interlopers.  They are at a minimum the receiver of stolen goods. (BTW, I am not an attorney and this is JUST WISHFUL thinking).  These provinces may have received some cash that the former diocese took with them and have sent on as their assessments to the newly minted provinces.  TEC has deposed a couple of bishops for abandonment and we are suing the Mr. John David Schofield for property and cash.  So what is keeping us from naming at least ++Venables and ++Orambi and ++Nzimbi and ++Akinola in each and everyone one of these suits?  In addition, should any or all of these parties that would be named in the suit set foot on the soil of the United States could we not presume they are being paid by and therefore using the funds from those diocese that absconded with the funds.  Once named in the lawsuits, could we not ask the local police to detain these fellows indefinitely as alleged thieves and extreme flight risks?  If we are going to share things it seems only fitting that we share all the things that go along with the division of the spoils.  This approach would surely slow down these thugs from travelling and stirring the pot.  


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Fred, can you imagine the $$$´s in cash that is handcarried out of the country by interlopers? Even at slightly less than the $10,000 a crack, repeated visits can add up...who says how much $$$ left the parish or diocese in cash, where is the accountability as to where it went and then where it went after it much of this is money laundering? How much of this this is pure deceit? Also, apparently ¨donations¨ from abroad fund some of these exploratory campaigns and big meetings like you really think that in places like Africa, SE Asia, Latin America, including the Southern Cone, there is strict financial accountability? Nope. I think it would be great if the Aduana folks started checking the pockets and bags of some of clergy that come in from Stateside...who knows what they´d discover? Guess what? There would be, or already is, another ¨middle man¨who would step in.

James said...

I agree with naming Presiding Bishop Venables a "corespondent."

All the money it's going to cost both sides would feed a LOT of hungry people.