Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Music - Out of the Deep

A piece from Rutter's Requiem needs little introduction...enjoy the cello's rich tones on this chilly morning.


Fred Schwartz said...

quietly enjoyable but doesn't stir my soul. You are right, the cello is rich.

Lynn said...


I think the delightful thing about music is never knowing what will grab at your soul when you listen. I was listening to this while reading the latest at Thinking Anglicans...somehow the sadness with the occasional surprise of vocal harmony grabbed me.

But Rutter's Requiem doesn't quite speak to me of death. Perhaps more along the lines of strength in adversity?

(If everyone likes all the selections here, I figure I'm not doing my job with the Sunday music :-) but I'm glad you appreciated the cello!)

Scott Hankins said...

Fabulous. So hopeful. Too bad there isn't screen-space for the whole score (I really like to watch the score as I listen) - and then again, maybe it was the artist's intention to present it this way. Thanks, Lynn.

SAD always gets worse until the light once again conquers sometime around about April (which is the "cruellest" month).

Doorman-Priest said...

I took part in a live performance last year. It is a lovely piece.

Cany said...

ooooooo I REALLY like this!

JCF said...

I sang it, back in seminary (Union in NYC): loved it. I can still hum certain parts.