Saturday, October 4, 2008

CANA Land "Surprise!"/Stealing the Silver

A local newspaper is reporting TEC's Historic Christ Church, Alexandria, might actually hold the title to land claimed by The Falls Church. If true, this includes the land with their original brick chapel, part of the sanctuary complex.

Our Fred has some fiery words for those other, Donatist Anglicans about stealing TEC assets and dioceses in a great post entitled "Stealing the Silver." He even went Biblical,quoting from Matthew and Mark.

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Did you see the Video of The Presiding Bishop and her "statement" in Diocese of Georgia?

I was enraged.

She thinks it's time "to move beyond" the sexual orientation issues (makes one wonder what she thinks today in Pittsburg is about)...the greatest and boldest "mission" and "witness" we can ever offer mankind is to include the marginalized and damned at the alter at The Body of Christ...meanwhile, Orombi in Uganda and Akinola/Nigeria are actually instigating WITCH HUNTS that are creating great harm and persecution/beatings/death against LGBT Christians/'s TIME TO CONTINUE to reveal the insanity of loathing others's time to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR and stop with the beatings/killings.

Thank you Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori for your ongoing support...however, RIGHT NOW is not the time to "move beyond" the sexual issue while millions of AFRICANS/others are being damned, tormented and killed.

Lynn said...

Leonardo, dear...see my next post. Perhaps some members of the Diocese of Washington will ask about this tomorrow...10/5/2008.

James said...

Leonardy, I belive what she meant was, it's time to move beyond sexuality being the ONLY issue the church has to deal with. She was saying orientation should not be the major theological issue for the church.