Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If you live in California you have by now seen this commercial. If you have not, please take a moment and view it. I know this is a rerun but this proposition must be defeated and the only way to do that at this moment is to keep the issue in front of everyone.

As Christians we are called to a new order of things -- to be compassionate. Please look the word up. The meaning is significant in Jesus' life and it should be in ours. The issues of purity are old and tattered andworn and we are called to the new. If we are to be followers of Jesus we must be campassionate.

Compassion requires a NO vote on Proposition 8.

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Cany said...

Well, i just saw the first yes on 8 today... argh, but first, go here to see a good no on prop 8 add:


Here is the first pro 8 add: lies.


This is the one I saw today and boy was I mad! Liars!