Thursday, September 4, 2008

They will "have no truck"

(A little humor break)

A certain fundi-con commentator with an odd definition of virtue wrote this about the FOCA primates on his "news" blog: "...They will have no truck with sexual behavior outside of heterosexual marriage between a man and a woman."

At first, I thought of our Leonardo and what happened to Red. But then, I realized he was using a clever idiom meaning "will have no dealings with," so certainly he wouldn't want to go anywhere near that truck.

I, for one, will have no truck with hateful bigots. And hatred is not a virtue.

And Leonardo, I promise, we'll return Red. Do you mind if we keep the tractor-pull conversion intact? It looks really snazzy. We kept it red, but there is a decal on the side with a really cool volcano and the lettering "Big Len.". Will put a pan of brownies and a box of Belgian chocolates in the glove box, and the tank will be full.

Back to your regularly scheduled program...


James said...

I will have no truck at all. I have a wee sporty automobile and I'm quite happy with it. :)

Lynn said...

I broke down and bough a 4-door Honda Accord a while back.

It corners like a sports car, but all manner of passengers (old, young, sinners, saints) can get in and out of the back. It's so much nicer than throwing the sinners into the bed of the truck saying, "Just hold on! God loves the sinner, but hates the sin!"

:-) but I still miss my 5-speed Prelude

Fred Schwartz said...

It wasn't too long ago I had a Ford Focus SP. It was wonderful! It had 120 hp and weighed about 3 lbs. Zip was clearly it's middle name. And, too boot, it was Sangria Red. But alas, a car "sitting" on the side of a road put an end to my little sporty car. I know how LR feels when he ponders one of the great mysteries of life.

Jase said...

Lynn, wouldn't that known as trial by ordeal? :)

Scott Hankins said...



My new snazzy car is, as usual, just small enough that I am unable to take the youth group anywhere (liability issues, you know). A far cry from Big Red, it will, however, be transporting my lonely self cross country beginning Tuesday.

LR, I think you should come pick up your truck. Some of us would love to meet you in person, I'm sure.


Lynn said...

Well, kids, it's gorgeous in the Washington DC area in October :-) and though I don't have a lot of room in my condo, this place has amenities out the wazoo and there's the National Cathedral...museums...a newish exhibit on the "real" George Washington at Mount Vernon just a few away. We could do a tour of Truro and The Falls, too, in cognito!

Perhaps someday, it would be fun. It will all be here for a long, long time.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yes, I have "NO TRUCK"...and I'm NOT trucking with any pan of Brownies when I obviously want a entire flatbed of various Bake Goods...I knew it was you who snached RED, Lynn...I could tell from the lipstick prints on the curb and the glittery afterimage left on the polished cobblestones...yes, you can fool some of the fools some of the time but not ALL of the FOOLS all of the time...and yes, we must have a visit to the National Cathedral...we could all go at a certain busy hour and see if we could recognize one another during mass (clue: I'll be sitting near Woodrow and his pushy/busy/know-it-all spouse)...OR, you could all come here (I DO have room) and we can go to Lake Atitlan and hang out for a few!

I've been reading Virtueless for years now...sometimes I visit the lower levels of his commenting blog...they used to infuriate me but most now I see most are REALLY sick...I mean, fly airplanes into buildings sick...not funny but I get a kick out of myself for every taking this blowhard numbskulls seriously...that would include Matt K, Little Stone Bigot and Melanie and "little davy panderson" and "As The World Turns" (down mouth corners) Duncan Pitts and Martyn Sinns...they are ALL puff-up quacks!

I'd like popcorn with lots of butter tonight...por favor.

Love to all,