Saturday, September 6, 2008

Peter Jensen's Latest Word

I came across this from the ++Jensen (of the Peter type) and thought it deserved a reprint. It may be a first draft. You can use the website to see his product. You must drink a cup of coffee before reading this post and you must promise to wash your hands when you are done.

Let me be personal as one of the highlights of my life.
Primarily it was a spiritual conference and a spiritual experience. As one of the organizers, I was in a position to see how the Lord answered a conference time. I was simply extraordinary and I must testify. I know many people all round the world not to mention the Lord’s will. I will illustrate my natural personality. I was giving a great thought. The run-up to Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria, asked us all to stop. To him, it was very important that we sought the mind in each other. I found this decision a difficult one. I was conscious. The sheer variety of people. The level of trust we followed. The chairman’s wisdom was the Jerusalem Declaration. A document which in my opinion I have to say Archbishop Orombi was in tears. In part this was because of the content. People had shared their pain and I had seen much more: I have just received an email from an immense Sudanese bishop blessed by some of the Sydney delegation. He went home. He reports that nineteen people came to know. Lord! Indeed there is no limit. Help give in. The Anglican Communion know that all of you were comfortable. Our decision not to know the whole story extend over many opinions.
Overwhelmingly, the Communion is still opposed to sex. GAFCON made that clear. Yet there are powerful forces which will treat the ‘sanctification of sin’ as Jim Packer.
Fundamentally there is a strategy for patience. We had to have a work out. We go from here to a nuclear explosion. Those closest to the centre of it will suffer first. The rest of us will take some time, but we will escape.
The other approach, the offensive activities, requires long periods of time and much talk. In the meantime parishes and even whole dioceses are left. I appreciate a number of people who share the second approach to protect orthodox liver. Biblical standards plays into the hands of those who go by the more acceptable novel.
Holding GAFCON was absolutely necessary and the result of my mind not attending. When people say Lambeth, they fail Lambeth. The best way to make world Anglicanism – and indeed well beyond Anglicanism, was to attend.

You will find (and you may wish to read) the original here:
Trusting God at "GAFFE"con


Cany said...

OMG... I never laughed so hard in my life, but this is a real gem:

"I appreciate a number of people who share the second approach to protect orthodox liver."

I can only wonder what their first approach was? Would that be killing the Orthodox liver?

Oh man oh funny.

Cany said...

and too funny too!

Lynn said...

Fred, I still like "Overwhelmingly, the Communion is opposed to sex" the best...but, "In the meantime, parishes and even whole dioceses are left" is now running a close second.

Disclosure to all, I read a draft of this..and you really must go read Jensen's original to get full appreciation. It's worth it to read Jensen's trip down pomposity lane, regardless of the reason.

Alcibiades said...

You folk have no idea how empowering your laughter is to those of us who have to live with this hate-filled wingnut. And believe it or not, he's a rational moderate compared to his brother, the Dean. And more humble to boot.

Thanks to all of you from down-under!

Fred Schwartz said...


You are most welcome. Keep in mind wingnuts come in all different sizes and shapes. Some of us may not have wingnuts, we may just have a loose screw or two. Some may have a lugnut and some may have a diocese where the wheels have come off. keep in touch.