Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What would Elizabeth think?

Elizabeth I, of course. Do women have a role in the leadership of the Church of England? Methinks she certainly did, and managed to get the Protestants and Catholics to stop killing each other in the process. It's time for "traditionalists" in the CofE to do a little reality check.

This isn't about women's rights, it's about selecting the best person for any given task. The Lord made us in all types of packages - with different strengths and weaknesses - for a good reason. It is a rare gift to have a strong combination of faith, innate Christian spirituality and leadership skills. Some might even consider it a gift from God...I certainly do.

Here's a great tune from a powerhouse of a woman - it's time to end all the fear of change.


David G. said...

Oh but of course what you have to say doesn't matter.


I see it everyday, and encourage others to see it also. So that they may learn.

Lynn said...

Daid - I don't get too much of that behavior around h ere, so it always puzzles me. And we certainly have a good number of female priests in the many TEC churches around here - and they are much loved and appreciated. A team of both male and female priests is the best in my view - and no, not always with "traditional" roles that used to be filled by the female deacons for a period. But some of that, too - they can be a Godsend to women who can't open up to a male priest, for example.

David G. said...

Ah, but we are talking about the Anglican Communion as a whole, what's good here mightn't be good elsewhere.

I wish I could travel (my passion) all over the place, and learn, and get to know people from wherever, but I don't see that happening during my time in this shell.

David G. said...

All the hoops you have to jump through to post here are a fucking pain!!

But maybe you are too lazy to just delete the bad posts, which is simpler than these word games, to post!!

Whatever,..I seldom post any way.

Lynn said...

David, is there something besides the random letter patterns that isn't working well for you? I don't like them, either, but it stops the really bad auto-generated spam that can be pretty disgusting in nature.

Anything practical might be good for everyone, and I'm new to the software. Can't fix (or explain) without more here, or email me at lynn-soup at mindspring dot com

David G. said...

maybe with Terry's help, we could get Haloscan on here.

I'll look it up,..I can do anything!!

David G. said...

Granlaa is tired if the BS!!

If she has to Be The Queen, she's more than up to it.

She's a True Anglican,..because she doesn't understand what the problem is.

Anglicans have always agreed to disagree, until now. Forces within our own dioceses are working against us everyday. People we trust are on the other side, and doing The AC harm....though they think they are crafty, We're even craftier!!

You needn't worry what Queen Elizabeth II thinks,'s her Mother you need to watch out for!!

Billcat52 said...

Just thought I'd say hello to some of the other refugees from Jake's! Good to see all the links you've provided to the various websites!

Billcat52 said...

Oh, yes, and a big hurrah for the CofE for doing the right thing!

Fred Schwartz said...

I am not sure who I would rather listen to, Tina Turner or Aretah Franklin. Actually, I really like both.

'member that old saying, Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind? I think the time is coming.