Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So many heresies, so little time

I have an opportunity to test an interesting opinion/testing software program. Just to make life interesting, I thought I might give the topic of "What kind of a heretic are you?" a try.

So, help me out...and come on down. What is your favorite heretical concept? Not necessarily that you agree with it, of course. And do say why you find it interesting, just to help me with my homework. Anything from the first century to Jesus-as-Rambo is up for consideration.

(It was either this, or a listing of my favorite brands of fair-trade certified coffees. You can comment on that if you aren't in the mood for heresy).


PseudoPiskie said...

God is not an old white man with a long white beard surrounded by angels playing harps. And Jesus was not the fairhaired Scandanavian type man who appears in pictures.

Fred Schwartz said...

My favorite is American democracy. This was specifically ruled heretical by the Pope around 1900.

I am thinking, based on the most recent polls at GAFCON, of changing my basic philosophical approach to "divine right".

Caminante said...

My cats all have souls and when I die I will meet all of them in heaven.

James said...

I suppose my heresy would be that I don't think Jesus knew the whole plan until he was dead. On the cross he said "Dad, why are you doing this to me?" (Ok, it was "Father, why have you forsaken me.) FOr that reason and many more, I don't think he was the perfectly divine person the GAFCON crowd thinks he was. So, that's probably my one big heresy.

Cany said...

Ooooo. Here's a few I can tick off... lol.

Well, the virginity (or not) of Mary is one. I really don't CARE if she was a virgin or not, it makes little difference to the whole story.

God so loved the WORLD... (meaning all of it... not some of it), so I believe all life has a soul.

The literal resurrection. I just don't know about that. Also, this doesn't make or break my faith, either.

Now... do I need to go to confession or???????

Chessie said...

James, I liked your "heresy" (though it made me think of Harry Potter!)--it seems to me that to be fully human, you have to confront your own mortality. Maybe to be fully God, you have to experience what that's like, too.

But here's another for the experiment: I literally cringed the other day when Bishop Wright (re GAFCON) was talking about God's "final revelation"...I sure hope God continues to reveal Godself to us as our stories unfold! I'm one of those hopeless process-oriented heretics.

Padre Mickey said...

Well, I'm not a heretic; I am Nicea Compliant. But I know all about all the heresies, and that's why, as far as I'm concerned, everyone isl anathema!

Lynn said...

cany, I wasn't thinking I would have to arrange for a virtual confession with a virtual priest...but, I bet there's something like that out there!

Cany said...

Lynn, well I could just confess to you (and others, which I have done here) making me, apparently, a member of the bizarre FOCA. They won't like my heresies, but maybe they will like my style?

oy. probably not.

PS: Akinola, I really AM good with media. Have Jensen contact me...

David G. said...

I'm perfect, therefore I couldn't possibly be a heretic.

Nuff Said!!


David G. said...

Why do I always have the last heresy?!?

Billcat said...

My heresy?

Well, I really believe that Christ's two great commandments are sufficient. They are simple (but hard to live up to), concise, understandable, and practical. Of course, they came from Jesus himself, and appear in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, so there was evidently widespread agreement in the early church that these commandments were awfully important.

I often think that it is only when we begin arguing points afar from the two great truths that we find folks disagreeing.

I'm not concerned or even interested in a lot of what most Christians regard as doctrinal - the virgin birth, the trinity, etc. - to me, most of the theological controversies over the years have come from folks who are seeing only the trees, but missing the lovely view of the forest.

I'm sure that there's probably some wonderful name that categorizes my heresy. From my own, limited point of view, "orthodox" will do nicely! (with a big grin - I'm unwilling to cede that title to the folks at SFIF).