Tuesday, May 31, 2011


After much soul searching and, according to Madpriest, JCF was his kabillionth hit I have decided to arbitrarily and capriciously declare May 31, as Madpriest Neighborhood Day.  From henceforth and forever (with all the power vested in me as a blogger) I dub May 31st of each year Madpriest Day.  Everyone must go to his neighborhood and at least say hello to our favorite Church of England blogger, Madpriest.

To start the festivities off I offer the following specially created song just for Madpriest and his Neighborhood. (actually I borrowed it but Fred and I went to the same school)


JCF said...

I approve this message! :-)

[What # am I here? Maybe that could be my career: flitting aroung the blogiverse, running up everybody's totals in the stratosphere... ;-p]

Fred Schwartz said...

Well, to bbe honest , do not count since my visitors are a uniquely small but mighty group of bloggers. You are, noetheless a jewel of a visitor and I thank you for your visits.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Hello, MadPriest.

Where is MadPriest?