Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do Not Be Afraid

Bishop Lamb and Bishop Talton both provided the homily for our seating of the new bishop - Bishop Talton.
Both bishops spoke eloquently but the piece that stood out this time - - to me -- was Bishop Talton and his statement "Do not be afraid."  The long nightmare is turning to the Son rising and the new day is dawning.  We are all being transfigured by the words, the actions, the plans and most important, the people of this diocese.  You must come and visit and see for yourselves.

One last note -- Were it not for the concerted efforts of Bishop Jerry Lamb this diocese would not be.  We owe a huge debt to Bishop Lamb and we can only repay it by thanking God every day for the grace and the goodness of this wonderful man. 

So -- we say goodbye and hello and hello and goodbye!