Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are We Going For Separate But Equal?

Let me begin with a story from The Lead that is entitled Historic Consultation.  We are now "consulting" on what constitutes a valid/appropriate blessing of same sex marriages.  I do not know about anyone else, and I could be absolutely off-base but does this smack of "separate but equal"?  Should we then have schools for children of same sex marriages?  Perhaps we can have separate churches for just this purpose?  How about drinking fountains and of course they could all ride in the back of the bus, right? 

Someone please help me with this for I genuinely do not understand how we can fully include ALL our brothers and sisters and then not use the rites as found on pages 423 an 433 in the current Book of Common Prayer.  Now I recognize that each couple is unique but I believe that there may be enough latitude in the current ceremonies to allow for whatever adjustments a couple (any couple) may wish to make, certainly in conjunction with the priest of the couple's choice.

I worry sometimes we just do not really get it -- or maybe it is just me.


PseudoPiskie said...

I agree Fred but they addressed what GC told them to do. Hopefully someone will introduce a resolution to have all reference to sex removed from marriage rites at GC 2012. As was said today, there are still dioceses which probably won't see anything resembling "tolerance" let alone acceptance in our lifetimes. I pray the younger ones will take over sooner rather than later and put the issue behind us.

Fred Schwartz said...

That would suit me just fine. Yes, I know they are doing waht they were asked to do it just seemed "odd" to me.

IT said...

If you go back to the comments from the Bishops, you will find a group that wants marriage and blessing to be separate.

I agree, separate is not equal. I look forward to all my LGBT brothers and sisters being welcomed to the same rights and responsibilities.