Monday, June 21, 2010

Will The Real Archbishop of Canterbury Please Resign

We have now discovered, as if we needed any further enlightenment, what the Archbishop of Canterbury "thinks" of cross border incursions. Not only does he not care, but now is making them a matter of routine. In his (and the other guy's) amendment on women bishops in the Church of England, he promotes alternative oversight so that "wimmen" do not have to be taken seriously.

The issue that has proved most difficult to resolve in securing these two objectives has been that of ‘jurisdiction’. Once women become bishops, it will be possible to maintain something like the present ‘mixed economy’ in the Church of England only if there is provision for someone other than the diocesan bishop to provide episcopal oversight for those who are unable to accept the new situation. The need for such provision is widely accepted. But what is still much debated is what should be the basis in law for the authority exercised by a bishop in this kind of ministry.

The amendment goes on to explain the legality of it all but see, the issue of cross-border incursions is now legalized in the Church of England. What has happened to the leader of the Anglican Communion?

This means if we (TEC) are waiting for sanctions on the Southern Cone of any of the various provinces in Africa the idea of "go pound sand" comes to mind real fast. BTW, see Real Anglicans for a little more on this.

Time for a new paradigm. time for a new Archbishop of Canterbury.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Enough is enough with this well-educated idiot who doesn´t address basic right from wrong and inhumane persecution of other Anglicans...the man simply is a third rate politico in a mitre and I´d not invite him into my house...the ABC now appears to think he´s dodged the REAL LIFE AND DEATH issues of discrimination, hate-mongering, marginalizing and crimes of hate in Jamaica, Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya (and the U.K.) and is currently pulling off a jolly sounding further injury to Women who aspire to be Bishops in the U.K....the man is a disgrace in all regards and has no moral standing and soon, the sooner the better, no authority...he is a shallow, fool and inexperienced leader of men and women...he is a immature child ripening into a rationalizing bigot.

Grandmère Mimi said...

No wonder we get no sympathy from the ABC for having our borders invaded.

Lynn said...

(Thank you, Fred, for revitalizing the blogs.)

I'm still shaking my head about all this recent stone-age behavior. It isn't a reflection of life in England.

I keep thinking back to more conservative times here in Washington, DC, when my father started breaking with the conservative business people he knew. He decided he preferred smart, hard-working and capable in his office; if the warm body was female, gay or non-white made no difference. There were no breaks for the non-productive or those that gouged the business, however, no matter the package.