Friday, November 20, 2009

The Wayback Machine

After many months of posting a "top ten" list at Padre Mickey's I have decided that I am far too narrow and considerably less erudite than PM and his broad and eclectic sense of music. As a result, I have decided to use Mr. Peabody's "wayback machine" to start my own Friday night or Saturday (depending on how I feel and how quickly I can get to) my good ole turntable. Here, you will find only the "genuine, original vinyl", none of that plastic stuff.

So for our inaugural entry we have the following:

1. Suzanne Lenoard Cohen
2. RESPECT Otis Redding
3. Help Me Rhonda Beach Boys
4. Our Last Kiss J. Frank Wilson
5. After Midnight Eric Clapton
6. Crystal Ship The Doors
7. Will You Love Me tomorrow Shirelles
8. Monday Monday Mamas and Papas
9. Highway 61 Bob Dylan
10. Slowdown Beatles

I ended with one of the great Beatles songs that hardly anyone remembers but listen to the guitar work in this song. Somebody knows how to use an axe.

Now you have it, the first ever wayback machine. don't forget to come back!


Padre Mickey said...

Bienvenidos a la máquina "way back."

Very nice list. Are you setting this up as if you were programing your own radio station, or do you have the dreadful random element of the iTunes "shuffle?" Just curious.

Fred Schwartz said...

Padre Mickey,
This will be a radio broadcast. I will try to be deliberate in the selections but I tend to listen to Deep Tracks and Classic Vinyl and The Village on XM and that influences me greatly. For example, I heard Mona and Liberty by Quick Siler Messenger last night and was knocked off my feet. Said feet, wow, forgot all about that one, huh! See what I mean?

Padre Mickey said...

Sounds like fun.