Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mr. Duncan's NY Times Interview

Mr. Robert Duncan, pretender to the throne, acting Archbishop of ACNA, and cohort of the soon to be retired John David Schofield was interviewed by the New York Times. Let's peek in on what he had to say.

First quote:

I wouldn’t characterize us as ultraright. We don’t beat up folks.

Should we put this question to a vote? Let's ask every LGBT person inside the Episcopal Church. Oh, not a good place to start? How about we ask the families at St. Dunstan's Modesto, CA or St. Mark's, Port Royal, SC.

You and Robinson were fellow students at the General Theological Seminary in New York.

Yes. That was in the early ’70s. He was living a heterosexual lifestyle at the time. He was married. Then he left his wife and later committed himself to a male partner. I don’t wish him ill.

Left +Robinson out in the cold at Lambeth. Led a whole 755 congregations astray because of him. And, are we talking ill like physical, mental, spiritual, psychological? Just what ill are we talking about? Let's ask +Robinson if he is feeling ill.

On his deposition:

That was a year ago, but what’s interesting is that virtually no one in the Anglican world accepted that sentence. Within two weeks of being deposed, I was received at Lambeth Palace in London by the archbishop of Canterbury, who continues to consider me a bishop.

This is probably the most truthful statement he makes in all the interview. That being said, the ABC receives a lot of people every day, does that make them all archbishops? What is wrong with the rest of the world, or is Mr. Duncan just not asking the right persons?

Here is a great quote:

On the Presiding Bishop's election:

She turned out to be far harder, far less willing to bend or compromise, than any of the men.

This was a quote on our presiding Bishop. I think he wanted her to cook and clean, not lead. I am surprised barefoot and pregnant did not come out of his mouth.

Onthe issue of legal action:

There is an ongoing lawsuit. They may get the stuff, but we’ll get the souls. They may get the past, but we’ve got the future.

I prefer to believe that the future is full of love, mercy, outreach and full inclusion. I am hopeful their future is full of the same.(but doubtful). The Episcopal future is built in inclusion, love, outreach, Christ and his message. It appears that ACNA is built on hate and division.

Thanks to Mark at Preludium for the read.


Elizabeth said...

On the Presiding Bishop's election:

She turned out to be far harder, far less willing to bend or compromise, than any of the men.

I see, because she was a woman she was supposed to listen to the superior wisdom of men like him???

Actually when ++Katherine was elected I wasn't sure she was right for the times. However, it soon was obvious that the Holy Spirit was on the job as usual. (Oh, me of little faith.) Because ++Katherine worked in a field that was predominately male, she knew how to handle men like Duncan. She made it clear, it was time for them to quit acting like cry babies and grow up. The church had moved on and they hadn't. I guess Mr. Duncan wasn't used to uppity women.

Fred Schwartz said...

yo uare so right! Mr. Duncan and Mr. Iker, and Mr Schofield and a whole bunch more!

Lynn said...'s always interesting when people like Duncan accuse others of being unwilling to bend, just generally. But in this case, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Duncan's view of accommodation is "let me do whatever I want."

That Bishop Katharine is a female is really just a side issue in my mind...yes, it makes her easier for bigots to attack, but surely they realized that a PB would come along and call them to task. The attacks on a male PB would just have been different.