Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coffee Hour Cinnamon Rolls

I want you to take a look at this photo, and then envision a lot of very happy people the next time you volunteer for coffee hour. That's exactly what happened one Sunday at a nice little church in New York, and that's how I know about this recipe. Cinnamon. Sugar. Butter. Yum.

Now, head on over to The Pioneer Woman for easy, step-by-step directions with photos (honest, you can make these). Find out the "secret ingredients" in her glaze, and all the lovely variations people have tried and shared in the comment section.

And for those that prefer the savory to the sweet when indulging in naughty calories, I highly recommend another of the PW's recipes: Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich. All her recipes are sound, have great instructions, and use ingredients readily available in neighborhood grocery stores. And she rights darn funny commentary, too.

Now, go enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.


Elizabeth said...

You just had to, didn't you! Hows a body supposed to stay on a diet with absolutely sinful looking goodies like that. Seriously, I checked out the site and she does a great job of explaining how to do yeast baking if you have no experience. Thanks, I think.

David G. said...

But'cha still here, aren'tcha Blanche?!?

RRRats in the cellar!!!

Leonard said...


OMG does this look good my dear friend Lynn!

I´m going to make them (not until I get back from my whirlwind tour of los Esados Unidos)...I´m getting as plump as I can as fast as I can and I know trouble up North is coming my way...HELP! I once read a article that said that when people REALLY start gaining weight they by sweatsuit outfits and other easy, sized up stuff...EGADS, I´ve been nailed!


Leonard said...


Estados Unidos (home of Señor Cinnabon and other tyrants)

Lynn said...

Elizabeth, I highly recommend that you make these when people are expecting you to bring goodies. This lowers the chances of locking yourself in the room with two pans of the rolls.

Leonardo, dear...Senor Cinnabon? Oh, I love him too. He certainly has improved the smell of airports!

And you have both reminded me, time to take a good long walk. Mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. Chocolate and long walks: God's blessings!

Buckeye said...

Ditto...what Elizabeth and Leonardo Ricardo said.....I'm already making one of the recipes for dinner!

PS Lynn----I'm still using your recipe for Easy Corn Chowder....everyone LOVES it!

Lynn said...

Buckeye, I made a small batch of the corn chowder not long ago, we had an unexpectedly cool evening, and the time was right for comfort food. Glad to hear you are still enjoying it, too.

Leonard said...

They closed the super deluxe lovely, fab views of volcanos and fincas Gym in the countryside that I went to when I went to the gym...now, I´ll blame them! Damn them! They made me do it!

Cany said...

I am bookmarking this site, Lynn. My dear Lord! I just spent two hours on there going... yum... oh yum... oh yum yum.

Love it!