Saturday, May 16, 2009


Remember those long hot summer days? No school. Mom and dad let us out to play and told us not to come back until dinner. You and a few pals rode your bikes with playing cards clipped to the spokes making that wonderful almost motorcycle sound. Yep, rode right out to downtown, nothing going on there so everyone rode to the tree house. The five of us climbed up into the tree house and along came little sister wanting to come up and play? Remember what we said? "Nah, this is men's work! No girls allowed. Then you pulled up the rope ladder before she could start the climb up. Fortunately there was a sign on the side of the tree house that stated No Ggirls allowed!

Well, I think most some of us never got over that. Henry Luke Orombi never made an appearance at the ACC meeting in Jamaica because he was with these folks:
Anglican Men's Weekend 2009 and here is the agenda:

Outstanding fellowship and worship opportunities
Inspiring teachings by Archbishop Orombi
Anglican Services of Holy Eucharist, Compline and Rite of Reconciliation (Confession)
Anglican Jam Sessions – bring your instruments!
Small Group Discussion and Activities

This is a "diocese" of those breakaway churches throughout the west including California, Arizona, and Washington. Just so we all get the names of the soon to be pointy hat people right here they are:

At the Special Meeting of the House of Delegates of the Association of Western Anglican Congregations, held on March 14th, three candidates for Bishop of the future “Diocese” of Western Anglicans to the Anglican Church in North American (ACNA) were announced. The candidates are: The Rev. Donald L. “Don” Kroeger, Rector of St. John’s Anglican Church, Fallbrook, California, The Rev. Jose Poch, Rector of St. David’s Anglican Church, North Hollywood, California, and The Rev. William A. Thompson, Rector of All Saints’ Church, Long Beach, California. In other business, the House of Delegates selected the name for the new diocese of Western Anglicans. With a nearly unanimous vote, the House selected the name, The Diocese of Western Anglicans as the official name.
And, the newest monsignor/canon/almost pointy hat name is "the collegiate vicar of the Western Anglicans" just what the heck is a collegiate vicar?

Anyway I digress. Mr. Orombi is attending this meeting to be an inspiration to the "men" of the Western Diocese of the Anglican Church in North America. I guess it is not enough to hate and persecute the LGBT population in Uganda, ++Orombi has to call all the men of the west together to spread more hate inspiration in the United States. Why don't these guys grow up, go home and mow the lawn. It is almost summer and your sister is not going to bug you anymore.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

It´s amazing to me how much fear and hate have the ability to twist themselves into somekind of blind virtue when preached by a bigot and abusive, arrogant thief!

One thing I must say for those bozos and their handlers is they really know how to operate in PRETEND and DENIAL and get them angry juices flowing for The Lamb of God!

The ¨witch hunt¨ in Uganda is a horrible mess of a wonder Henri is hiding with his groupie yesmen in California (well, there is the matter of planning to take their failed property case to the Supreme Court...that´s how NUTS these extremists are in the ¨Land of the Fruits and Nuts¨

mibi52 said...

I'm just wondering how many of these bishops of various flavahs signed up for the standard accomodation (bunkbed requiring a sleeping bag) and how many signed up for the deluxe (bed with sheets)? And how many presume that they already float on the clouds above us apostate mortals?


Grandmère Mimi said...

I thought the bunk bed accommodations were a little pricey.

IT said...

fallbrook is a rural area of San Diego County. The Episcopal church there was returned to its Episcopal congregants just in time for Easter. Fallbrook is otherwise noted for avocadoes, and a problem with white-supremicists and sckinheads.