Saturday, February 7, 2009

Episcopalian Meets Methodists (Sunday Music)

My years singing in a Methodist choir were full of musical surprises, for both me and the Methodists. I still remember how amused and amazed they were to learn I had never sung The Old Rugged Cross, and that it was completely unfamiliar to me in every way.

Here is a beautiful choral arrangement of that classic hymn - it has quite the Anglican flair, I think! Yet as I listen, I can tell this 65-voice choir is Methodist, and that they sing together every week as members of a very special family. Yea, they make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

The Old Rugged Cross, by Rev. George Bennard; arrangement by Tom Jordan, as performed by the Cathedral Choir, Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church, Cincinnati, Ohio.


Fred Schwartz said...

Wilma grew up a Methodist and has many a fine memory. She moved to the Episcopal Church as a teenager but still remembers and relies on her Methodist roots.
A great choice of songs, BTW we have a Methodist hymnal in our library. Thank you for your wonderful gift of music.

Lynn said...

Fred, almost all of my fellow choristers were raised Methodist - and many that particular church. Rarely a week goes by that I don't remember them with love and prayer, and I know they shaped my adult faith in a truly blessed way.

Brian R said...

This was my Mother's favourite hymn and she was brought up Anglican with a time in the Salvation Army to whom she claimed she owed her deep faith. The only reason we did not sing it at her funeral is that it is not easy for a congregation alone.

PseudoPiskie said...

We sang it in our Presbyterian church when I was a kid. I never thought it was difficult. Of course I think "On Eagles' Wings" is very difficult. Must be an age thing.

Lynn said...

Hmm. I have no idea how difficult this is to sing - I don't think I actually learned the melody line. Occupational habit for young Methodist altos, I suppose! Alas, I don't and can't sing that way now - somehow the talent shifted to other abilities, so I cannot complain.