Sunday, December 7, 2008


The Lead has an article in which Mr. Iker writes:

"Bishop Jack Iker of Forth Worth says that Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori is wrong. He has not renounced his orders, and therefore should not have been removed as bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth."

This was in response to the Presiding Bishop accepting Mr. Iker's renounciation of his ordination and consecration vows. Mr. Iker said this:

"Katharine Jefferts Schori has no authority over me or my ministry as a Bishop in the Church of God. She never has, and she never will."


"Since November 15, 2008, both the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth and I as the Diocesan Bishop have been members of the Anglican Province of the Southern
Cone. As a result, canonical declarations of the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church pertaining to us are irrelevant and of no consequence."

If the Presiding Bishop has no power, never had power, never will have power there is only one way left Mr. Iker. You have always had the power to go home. All you had to do was put on your ruby red slippers and click your heels twice and say "There is no place like home. There is no place like home."


Anonymous said...
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Scott Hankins said...

Honestly, anon, those look like talking points you've copied from some sort of organization. I don't for a minute believe that you composed this, whoever you are. I always take objection to posting anonymously. It's puerile, especially in cases like this. If you were really to engage the issue, you'd get off the topic of "sex" and on to the topic of "mature covenant".

Editor Grapevine said...


And what has that got to do with Mr. Iker and the renunciation of his vows.

Lynn said...


I think Father Scott's comments suffice as the reason for deleting your comment. I don't mind a little scrappiness and opposing views, but you were just using this blog as a sounding board for reactionary views, and it is clear you do not know the type of decent, intelligent LGBT individuals I am privileged to call my friends.

You are welcome to comment on Bishop Iker or the ACNA initiative, of course. It would be helpful if you use a nom de plume.

Fred Schwartz said...

Nice job Lynn. Everything ok in your part of the country?

David G. said...

My goodness the Iker spikers are just like little children in the school yard.