Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fourth Sunday Music

The mellow voice of Josh Groban singing My Confession, with scenes from The Nativity.


Fred Schwartz said...

It moved me to tears. We have such a great benefit -- history. At the time of the birth Mary and Joseph had no such a thing. They each only had the whisperings of angels in their ears. Certainly the town and the people at that time had no such help, and it had to have had its impact. What courage, what faith, for both.

Lord, on this fourth Sunday of Advent I pray that each of us in our own way comes to know your Son and with that knowledge a conviction faith and love grows to a conviction of all inclusiveness.

Lynn, blessings on this 4th Sunday. May your Christmas be filled with the knowledge of the Christ child and his blessed family.

Scott Hankins said...

(see comment above)